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The Handy Oil Dispenser

 is a 2 part fit and INCLUDES

NEW components to UPGRADE 

your burner to a European setting. 

Your dispenser is shipped to you by courier and arrives within days


At your end, install is carried out by your local burner  service guy. 


Quick to set up. 


Part 1


The Handy Oil Bunded Cabinet

Our  "BUNDED" pollution proof Safety cabinet is designed as a protective store

for a 25 liter drum of oil. 


The Handy oil Safety Cabinet 

meets Home Insurance and 

Oil Storage regulations.

Bunded means the base of the cabinet  is sealed, and in the event of a leaking container, the bunded base will catch and contain leaking oil for recovery and disposal, preventing pollution.

  The Handy oil cabinet is bunded for 30 liters


 A Clean & Simple way

to use drums of Heating Oil




The Handy cabinet can be fitted at the oil tank, sharing

the existing oil line. 



The Handy Cabinet can be fitted as a  "STAND ALONE" 

alternative to an oil tank.

( It does not fill your Tank)

Part 2


SUPPLIED with the Dispenser


Your burner is fitted with a

new German made component 

called a K-loop. 


The K-Loop is  compatible 

with all oil burners.


In most EU countries the K-Loop is

required by law on oil burners.

The K-Loop 

  • Eliminates air locks from the oil line,    

  • Cleans gasses and air bubbles from your fuel, leading to a cleaner burn         

  • A cleaner burn gives better performance.

  • The upgrade allows the oil pump to draw its own fuel more efficiently than gravity feed.

PLEASE NOTE This component must be fitted by your local QUALIFIED burner service guy

The Benefits of a Handy Oil Dispenser


No need for an oil tank.


Improved burner performance.

No risk of high volume oil theft.

Fast installation.

Suits all plastic drums.

You can even pay by installment.

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